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  • New exit-entry policies for overseas talents in Shanghai


    ​The Exit-Entry Administration Bureau of Shanghai’s Public Security Bureau issued new entry-exit regulations, covering foreigner’s visas, stay and permanent residency, on July 1.

  • Entrepreneurship policies Q&A


    ​Shanghai’s official micro-blog, launched by the municipal government’s news office about hot issues such as the new scientific and technological innovation coupon and preferential policies for science companies.

  • Shanghai looks to attract overseas Chinese students


    The Shanghai Municipal Government issued a guideline to attract overseas Chinese students to return and work or startup businesses in the city on Feb 1, with benefits and favorable policies.

  • Benefits for global talents working in Shanghai


    ​Overseas professionals in Shanghai, who have been introduced by the Thousand Talents Plan, a national program to bring in top global talents to the Chinese mainland.

  • Shanghai easing way for expat talent


    A trial program to test the issuance of a single, unified work permit for foreigners - replacing the current system under which two government entities have issuing authority - is expected to ease the burden of getting work in Shanghai for highly skilled expats, starting in October.

  • Shanghai helps startups raise money


    More than 1,300 start-up projects in Shanghai have obtained 260 million yuan ($39 million) in government-guaranteed loans during the first half of 2016, Pudong Times reported on Aug 16.

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