​Talent from UK universities shine in Shanghai's global entrepreneurs competition

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2024-06-05


Participants of the 2024 HomeValley Global Entrepreneurs Competition take a group photo. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-italent]

The 2024 HomeValley Global Entrepreneurs Competition and the semifinals of the fourth Shanghai Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (UK Session) kicked off on May 25 in Fengxian district, Shanghai.

This event was guided by the Shanghai Talent Development Promotion Association, organized by Fengxian district's talent work leading group office, hosted by Fengxian district's talent work bureau, and undertaken by Shanghai HomeValley, with support from the Oriental Beauty Valley Group.

Since its launch in March, this edition of the competition has attracted over 40 projects from the United Kingdom. After rigorous preliminary selection, 16 outstanding projects made it to the semifinals.

The competition showcased diversity and openness, with most participants hailing from renowned educational institutions such as the University of Oxford, University of London, and University of Manchester.

The participating projects primarily covered areas like artificial intelligence, new consumption, life and health, and digital economy, aligning closely with Fengxian district's leading industries.

The event unfolded through live video connections between venues in China and the UK, with a professional jury comprising seven experts from leading industry institutions and renowned venture capital firms.

The jury evaluated projects based on dimensions like multi-dimensional innovation, team strength, and market prospects. Contestants presented the technological core competencies of their projects, as well as their broad market potential, and team professionalism through a five-minute presentation format that was followed by a 10-minute Q&A session.

Participants expressed that the competition provided them with a platform for resource connection, enabling direct communication and networking with investors and industry experts. They also appreciated the opportunity to understand Shanghai and Fengxian district's talent policies and business environment. This helped them expand into Chinese domestic market and further enhance their desire to start businesses and develop in Shanghai.

After over four hours of intense competition, the expert panel praised the projects, noting the exceptional innovation and entrepreneurship brought by this year's contestants. Noteworthy projects included innovations like a "needle-free injector" in the medical field and an innovation connected to the low-altitude economy, all showcasing creativity and future development potential.

Representatives from the Fengxian district's talent work bureau, economic commission, science and technology commission, investment promotion office, Oriental Beauty Valley Group, Fengxian district Investment Group, as well as investor representatives and officials from the London Development Agency, were present at the event.

The winning projects of this competition will advance to the global semifinals of the Shanghai Talent Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (the overseas finals of HomeValley Global Entrepreneurs Competition), where they will compete with top projects from around the world for a spot in the finals. The victorious project teams will enjoy substantial policy support at all levels.

Fengxian district's talent work bureau plans to leverage this competition as an opportunity to collaborate with relevant departments to strengthen tracking and connection services for outstanding projects. This will facilitate the landing of more high-quality overseas projects and talents in Fengxian district. It is anticipated that more innovative projects will take root, sprout, and thrive in Fengxian district, injecting fresh momentum into Shanghai's innovation and entrepreneurship endeavors.

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The jury listens closely to the project presentations prepared by participating teams. [Photo/WeChat ID: sh-italent]