Pudong recruits talent at Peking University, Tsinghua University

Updated : 2023-10-19


Themed "Welcome to Pudong, Get Your Talent Discovered by the World", the 2023 Pudong University Youth Talent Express series of activities were launched at Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing on April 25 and 26.

Pudong brought a recruitment team consisting of 50 units, including the Party and government organs of Pudong New Area, public institutions, State-owned enterprises, multinational companies, leading tech enterprises, universities, as well as scientific research institutes.

A total of 168 employers planned to recruit about 2,200 students with more than 630 job positions through online and offline recruitment activities.

Pudong is a very attractive, inclusive, and ideal place for talents. The job positions cater to multiple majors, such as big data, chemical engineering, humanities, history, and law, said Yu Qianqian, an undergraduate student from Peking University Law School.  

Statistics show that 3,463 people had submitted resumes, including 162 PhD and 2,524 Master students.

Talks were held with 992 people from Peking University and Tsinghua University, while 681 resumes were received, and job intention agreements were reached with 128 students during on-site recruitment activities.

Zhang Yingjian, a master's student majoring in data communications at Tsinghua University, was interested in the job positions provided by the Party, the government organs of Pudong, and the Shanghai Data Exchange. "Pudong is a young, fashionable, and vibrant area. I feel that there will be more opportunities," Zhang said.

Peng Qionglin, a member of the CPC Pudong standing committee and director of Pudong's talent office, said, "Today's Pudong is a blend of global influence and Chinese characteristics. It is the fertile soil for innovation and entrepreneurship, a stage for chasing dreams, and a homeland for happiness." 

"It is home to Lujiazui, Zhangjiang Science City, and lots of world-renowned skyscrapers, such as the Shanghai Global Financial Center, the Jinmao Building, and the Oriental Pearl Tower. Pudong is also home to various cultural sites, such as Disneyland Resort, the Shanghai Oriental Art Center, and the east pavilion of Shanghai Library."

During the event, relevant staff members conducted presentations on talent introduction and related projects covering postdoctoral policies and the Pudong International Talent Station. Pudong invited students to get a better understanding of its innovation and entrepreneurship environment through a batch of activities, such as exchange programs, training sessions, social practices, and internships.