2023 Global Metaverse Conference (Shanghai) opens

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2023-08-23


The 2023 Global Metaverse Conference (Shanghai) kicks off on Aug 17. [Photo/shobserver.com]

The Shanghai leg of the 2023 Global Metaverse Conference kicked off on Aug 17. During the conference, the AI City Metaverse Collaborative Innovation Center was officially unveiled.

The two-day event focused on the metaverse, AI-generated content (AIGC), large models, computing power bases and general artificial intelligence. It brought top experts from around the world and offered a platform for in-depth discussions and knowledge-sharing with five forums.

The event aims to drive the metaverse industry forward and contribute to Shanghai's digital economy, according to organizers. They also said that Shanghai boasts natural geographical advantages that position it as a strategic hub for metaverse development. Its advanced technological landscape, robust digital infrastructure, and entrepreneurial ecosystem provide a conducive environment for metaverse innovation and growth.


The unveiling ceremony of the AI City Metaverse Collaborative Innovation Center is held at the conference. [Photo/shobserver.com]

The AI City Metaverse Collaborative Innovation Center unveiled at the conference aims to explore the technical bottlenecks of China's urban metaverse AI innovation infrastructure and metaverse industry applications. It seeks to communicate with international AI cities and promote the implementation of Shanghai's metaverse industry policies and applications.

By building a high-quality AI+ metaverse innovation platform, the center aims to boost the development of Shanghai's AI+ metaverse industry and help the city build science and technology innovation centers with global influence.

The conference also saw the reveal of the "Top 100 Metaverse Innovation Cases." The cases showcased the most innovative and impactful applications of the metaverse, XR, AIGC, and Digital Twin technologies in various fields, including consumption, education, medical care, entertainment, tourism, industrial services, intelligent production, rural governance, government services, digital cities, and digital finance.

Furthermore, Shanghai's Putuo district released additional policies for metaverse enterprises at the conference. The policies aim to encourage and support metaverse enterprises settled in the district in their technological innovation endeavors, fostering a thriving metaverse ecosystem in the region.

Xiao Wengao, head of Putuo district, highlighted the district's commitment to digital transformation and the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies. Emphasizing the importance of the digital economy and metaverse, Putuo will provide better and more accurate services to related enterprises, he said.

The conference also featured keynote speeches from esteemed speakers such as Wu Zhiqiang, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Tan Runhua, a foreign academician of the National Academy of Engineering of Ukraine and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

Additionally, six metaverse experts gave keynote speeches, sharing the latest research in AI+ metaverse and exploring how to upgrade from a smart city to an AI city.