​Shanghai facilitates exchanges among cross-Straits entrepreneurs

(en.sh-italent.com) Updated : 2023-02-22

An exchange activity themed on "Sharing new opportunities to forge a bright future" was held in Shanghai on Feb 13 and more than 100 guests and entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Straits boosted exchanges and cooperation at online and offline venues.

Many participants shared their views on topics such as the development situations and goals of key industries, opportunities and challenges of industrial integration and development, and experience and planning of industrial talent training in Shanghai and Taiwan.

They believed that Shanghai and Taiwan have a close relationship with a good foundation for cooperation. Therefore, young entrepreneurs on both sides of the Straits should serve as the driving force to promote exchanges and development of cross-Straits relations.

The entrepreneurs in attendance also expressed that Taiwan compatriots and Taiwan enterprises plan to seize the opportunities brought about by the new development pattern and utilize their respective industrial advantages to participate in the country's high-quality development and make their own contribution to economic and trade integration and talent exchanges cross the Straits.


Shih Chia-i, a businesswoman from Taiwan, is interviewed during the exchange activity on Feb 13. [Photo/WeChat account: qingchunshanghai]

"I am exceedingly elated to participate in this cross-Straits youth entrepreneur exchange activity and I hope there will be more opportunities for exchanges this year," said Shih, a businesswoman from Taiwan and general manager of Shanghai Genlai Food Co.

She added: "I run a company mainly producing big health food, which has witnessed a growth of 20 percent to 30 percent in the past three years, and especially last year, when the growth rate was at 10 percent to 15 percent. After the optimization of the COVID-19 epidemic control measures, we are more optimistic about the future development of the big health market. Everyone will pay more attention to physical functions, immunity improvement and health, so we invested in research and development last year. In addition, in the future, the company intends to cooperate with Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine to transform the experimental results into products for the consumer market."

According to Shi, regular exchange activities are expected to be held every month. For example, a trip for Shanghai entrepreneurs to visit Taiwan is scheduled to take place in May or June, and in the second half of the year, a five-month internship activity will be organized for Taiwan students in Shanghai.


Jiang Xiyi, general manager of Shanghai Champion Trading Co, shares his views on how to strengthen cross-Straits exchanges at an interview during the activity on Feb 13. [Photo/WeChat account: qingchunshanghai]

Jiang Xiyi, general manager of Shanghai Champion Trading Co, also reckoned that it is very important to strengthen cross-Straits exchanges.

"Numerous young people in Taiwan want to carry out live-streaming activities on Douyin, the Chinese version of Tiktok. To enter this market, they must first have a better understanding of the mainland. Only by communicating and understanding can they have the opportunity to start businesses," said Jiang.

He encouraged young people in Taiwan to visit the mainland more often, because he believes that many misunderstandings and conflicts can be solved after communication with friends.

Jiang also expressed his hopes that the cross-Straits exchanges will be more convenient and the cost will be reduced.

"If the cost of air tickets is reduced a little, it may be easier for young people in Taiwan to come to the mainland," Jiang said.

Last year, there were 817 newly established Taiwan-funded enterprises in Shanghai, with a total number reaching 18,000. The quality of Taiwan-funded investment enterprises has been further improved. Among the three leading industries that Shanghai has planned for the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), there are 173 integrated circuit industry enterprises and 56 biomedical enterprises from Taiwan.


Jiang Xuefeng, chief executive officer and chief scientist of Shanghai Maosheng Kanghui Technology Co, talks about the cross-Straits industrial development at an interview during the activity on Feb 13. [Photo/WeChat account: qingchunshanghai]

This cross-Straits exchange also allowed young entrepreneurs to see great opportunities for cross-Straits industrial cooperation.

"Only by mutual prosperity, communication and cooperation can we make progress in the whole process of the development of the modern economy and industrial development," said Jiang Xuefeng, chief executive officer and chief scientist of Shanghai Maosheng Kanghui Technology Co.

"Both sides serve as the economic and financial engine and industrial engine of the whole Asia-Pacific region. Today's exchange activities mean we can move forward for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. I hope the motivation can be embedded into the details of every industry, every link of cooperation, and every dimension of technology and industrial innovation, so that the market cooperation of our talents, economy and financial development can be further deepened," he added.


Zhang Li, chairwoman of Yiergeng (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co, talks about the future industrial development direction at an interview during the activity on Feb 13. [Photo/WeChat account: qingchunshanghai]

Zhang Li, chairwoman of Yiergeng (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co, also saw the new opportunities of industrial development in the exchange activities. She said that exchange of young entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Straits greatly expanded her understanding.

"Through this exchange, I found that there can be a lot of cooperation, such as in the area of regenerative medicine. After COVID-19, everyone will pay close attention to big health. The aging population data in Shanghai and Taiwan are also relatively close. When the population structure is getting similar, whether for the industrial digital transformation or the big health industry, there are many opportunities, including how to cooperate within the population structure and the fine management of the city. In this respect, needs of both sides are very similar, so the supporting industries and talent training, including policy support, should be mutually beneficial.

"Against the cultural and social background of the same origin, there is much cooperation that can be carried out. For enterprises, there are also some new directions. We should not only help Taiwan enterprises reduce the cost of environmental governance in the mainland in the field of environmental governance, but also actively do some exploration in the digital environment, environmental talents and other aspects. This is also an industrial development direction proposed by our young entrepreneurs in Shanghai," she added.