​SJTU Zhangjing Science Park opens in Pudong

(en.sh-italent.com) Updated : 2022-11-18


The inauguration ceremony for the Zhangjiang Science Park is held on Nov 1. [Photo/SJTU]

The Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) Zhangjiang Science Park was recently inaugurated in Zhangjiang Science City in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, and is intended to serve as a platform for scientists to jointly carry out cutting-edge research.

SJTU has been adhering to the national innovation-driven development strategy while remaining committed to Shanghai's development. In 2016, the university took part in coordinated planning and began mobilizing its resources to build the park in response to the city's call for encouraging innovative universities and scientific research institutions to gather in Zhangjiang and achieve the city's goal of building sci-tech innovation hub. Construction of the park officially started in 2018.

As a key project in Zhangjiang Science City, the construction of Zhangjiang Science Park won wide support from various sides such as the local government, social sectors and scientists over the past four years.

The park enjoys a favorable location as it is near to the Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility and the Tsung-Dao Lee Institute.

At the park's inauguration ceremony on Nov 1, Lin Zhongqin, president of SJTU, said that climbing the peak of science and technology is the responsibility and mission of SJTU and the park is ready to embark on a new journey to become a "strong magnetic field" to attract talents in the future.

Ding Kuiling, executive vice-president of SJTU, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and president of the Zhangjiang Institute for Advanced Study, said in his speech that the completion of Zhangjiang Science Park benefited not only from the efforts of numerous SJTU employees but also from the rewards of the new era and Shanghai's high-quality development.

Ding also advocated the scientific spirit of "bold hypothesis and rigorous verification" and said that the park will focus on the innovation and reshaping system to let the best scientists work together to conduct cutting-edge research.

Ling Daishun, distinguished professor of the Center for Frontier Science of Transformative Molecules, spoke as the representative of young scientists of the Zhangjiang Institute for Advanced Study. He talked about the "return wave" of overseas talents since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, saying that now is the best time to do research in China.

Ling said that he will take root in Zhangjiang, which is a breeding ground for science and innovation, devote himself to scientific research at the institute, and obtain "unique and useful" scientific research findings that can benefit society.

On the same day, Tai Renzhong, vice-president of the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Zhu Xinyuan, vice-president of SJTU, vowed to further cooperation.

In November 2020, SJTU launched a new round of comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Shanghai Advanced Research Institute to promote multidisciplinary frontier research.

In the future, the two sides plan to further strengthen resource sharing, strive to realize major scientific breakthroughs by leveraging science facilities in Zhangjiang and each other's advantages, and jointly move towards the high-quality development of scientific innovation.

Local government officials, leaders of universities and scientific institutions in Shanghai, and academicians also attended the ceremony.