Qingpu lures global talents at 5th CIIE

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2022-11-16


Shanghai Qingpu (Yangtze River Delta) Overseas Students Pioneer Park is located in the Hongqiao Business District. [Photo/WeChat ID: iloveqingpu]

In a bid to attract talents from around the world, Shanghai's Qingpu district introduced its advantages and policies for talents at a promotional activity on Nov 7 during the fifth China International Import Expo (CIIE).

Li Fangming, director of the district's talents office, said that talents can enjoy housing subsidies, entrepreneurial support, and quality services in Qingpu, and issued a sincere invitation to outstanding talents at home and abroad.

Housing support for talents

Qingpu offers subsidies for purchasing housing to high-level talents. For talents at different levels, subsidies of 1 million yuan ($141,533.74) , 3 million yuan and 5 million yuan will be provided accordingly.

The district also offers rental subsidies of 3,000 yuan and 4,000 yuan per month according to the different levels of outstanding talents.

Other young talents can apply for monthly rental subsidies ranging from 1,000 yuan, 1,500 yuan and 2,000 yuan through a points-based system.

Along Metro Line 17, more than 3,000 sets of talent apartments have been created, and there are more than 1,000 sets of market-oriented rental houses for talents to choose from.

Qingpu is also actively building international talent communities, young talent communities and rural talent communities to meet the individual needs of talents.

Entrepreneurial support for talents

Every year, Qingpu evaluates the development status and potential of talent teams working in science and technology innovation enterprises and rewards them with a maximum of 12 million yuan. The distribution plan of the incentive funds is formulated by the enterprises, and the total amount of funds reached 58 million yuan last year.

At present, Qingpu has established 42 business incubation bases at the national and municipal levels.

In order to provide a better entrepreneurial environment for overseas talents, the Shanghai Qingpu (Yangtze River Delta) Overseas Students Pioneer Park was put into operation this year. The park was established as an incubation base to attract more overseas talents to start businesses in the area.

The park offers projects a three-year rent-free period and a one-time start-up subsidy of 30,000 yuan. It also gives overseas returnees a monthly rental subsidy of up to 3,000 yuan and an annual living subsidy of 60,000 yuan, as well ass other support.

This year, Qingpu welcomed a growing number of returning overseas Chinese students and the number of overseas returnees applying for permanent residence registration in Shanghai has increased by three times year-on-year.

High-quality talent services

In recent years, Qingpu has established the Yangtze River Delta (Qingpu) International Talent Port, a one-stop talent policy application and comprehensive service platform, and the Yangtze River Delta human resources market that provides services throughout the year. It has also created the Yangtze River Delta Overseas Talent Service Zone, which helps returnees apply for permanent residence registrations in Shanghai and handles cross-regional applications for the Shanghai Overseas Talent Residence Permit.

Qingpu provides gold card and platinum card services for all kinds of talents at or above the district level, covering children's schooling, medical care, physical examinations and fitness, academic vacations, entertainment, culture and sports venues, and financial services.

In addition, talent service stations are being set up all over the sub-districts and parks in Qingpu.

Qingpu enjoys an advantageous geographic location and talents in the district can benefit from the Yangtze River Delta Integrated Demonstration Zone, the city of Shanghai, the Shanghai Five New Towns, the Hongqiao International Business District, and the Zhangjiang National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone due to the New Towns talent settlement policy, the overseas talent residence permit application channel in the demonstration zone, and the Zhangjiang outstanding talent award policy.

Recently, Qingpu has also issued the "Bole Award" policy for attracting talents and various institutions, associations, organizations and social talents to enjoy a reward of up to 500,000 yuan for introducing a qualified talent to Qingpu, encouraging more forces to participate in introducing talents and forming a joint network for attracting talents.