Shanghai Qingpu Overseas Students Pioneer Park opens

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2022-10-27


Shanghai Qingpu (Yangtze River Delta) Overseas Students Pioneer Park is located in the Hongqiao Business District. [Photo/shqp.gov.cn]

The Shanghai Qingpu (Yangtze River Delta) Overseas Students Pioneer Park was completed and put into operation in Qingpu district, Shanghai at the end of September.

Operated by the district-level government platform, the park was established as an incubation base to attract more overseas talents to start businesses there and is also part of the district's efforts to perfect its overseas talents-related work system and improve talent services.

In recent years, Qingpu has developed rapidly and welcomed many returning overseas Chinese students thanks to benefits brought by the annual China International Import Expo, the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta region, and the building of the Hongqiao International Open Hub, the Five New Towns in Shanghai and the Yangtze River Delta digital trunk line.

The park has attracted 17 enterprises to settle there and is incubating 18 projects. Through the park's platform, 10 enterprises have settled in other parks in Qingpu.

In order to further support entrepreneurs in the park, Qingpu has also issued the "Implementation Measures of Qingpu District on Supporting the Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Overseas Students". The policy content covers free rent, rental subsidies, talent apartments, start-up funding, employment subsidies and loan discounts.

The park will be combined with new talent policies to create a favorable environment that makes Qingpu more attractive and enables people to fully display their talent.

The park is located in the Hongqiao Business District, about 100 meters away from the Xujing Beicheng Station of Metro Line 17. Daily travel and transportation are convenient, and the surrounding commercial and trade facilities are complete.

In addition to the superior geographical location conditions, the park also pays attention to the preferences of overseas students in its design style. It features fresh and bright color, comfortable and open shared space, and independent office areas of various specifications, taking into account the different needs of start-up enterprises.

At the service management center in the park, overseas students can enjoy one-stop government services ranging from enterprise registration, tax agency, project declaration, legal consultations, financial services and investment consulting. 

Various talent exchange activities such as project roadshows, concerts, policy salons, and entrepreneurship sharing meetings are organized regularly in the park, providing an exchange and interaction platform for overseas talents.