Shanghai encourages enterprises in key industries to recruit overseas talents

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2022-09-23


People take photos at the Bund in Shanghai. [Photo/IC]

Shanghai encourages and supports enterprises in key industrial fields to recruit top-notch and urgently-needed talents from home and abroad, Zhang Yi, deputy director of the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission, said at a press conference on Sept 14.

Zhang told the press conference about Shanghai's measures to introduce and cultivate industrial talents for the construction of a new industrial system and future industrial layout.

Zhang said that in recent years, Shanghai carried out the guiding principles of the Central Talent Work Conference and attached great importance to the role of talents in promoting high-quality industrial development.

Zhang added that promoting the high-quality industrial development and the all-round development of talents plays a fundamental role in Shanghai's industrial talents performance, which provides a steady momentum for high-quality economic development.

In terms of top-level design, Shanghai has formed the "1+3+1" industrial talent system framework, which consists of the implementation opinions regarding industrial talent team construction, the three special programs for leading industrial talent cultivation, and a catalog of urgently-needed talents.

Shanghai has been supporting advanced manufacturing clusters with high-level talent clusters. The city released the Implementation Opinions on the Construction of Industrial Talent Teams in the New Era with a focus on achieving breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields as well as formulated and implemented special programs for talent cultivation in the integrated circuit, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence industries, and compiled the Catalog of Talents Urgently Needed by Key Industries of Shanghai. The city has accelerated the pace of industrial talent training work with a focus on industrial needs.

Shanghai has established a high-level talent training project to cultivate industrial talents by supporting highly-skilled personnel training, selection and commendation and holding skill contests. It has started building a number of modern industrial colleges and established bases for training highly-skilled personnel.

In terms of talent introduction, evaluation, and incentives that are more focused on enterprises and talents, Shanghai will give full play to the role of both the government and market, focus on deepening the reform of the talent development system and mechanism, and continuously optimize relevant policies and measures.

The city encourages and supports enterprises in key industrial fields to recruit top-notch and urgently-needed talents from home and abroad. For example, talents urgently needed by key institutions, including talents with a master's degree, key talents with a bachelor's degree, and highly-skilled personnel can apply to have their hukou, or household registration, moved to the city.

A market-based talent evaluation system has been established, and for the first time, a middle and senior professional title review system for the artificial intelligence industry has been established. Research on talent evaluation standards in the digital economy is expected to be strengthened, and more support will be given to enterprises to carry out independent evaluations of their urgently-needed skilled workers.

Shanghai also plans to offer rewards for core teams and talents of enterprises in eight industrial fields of integrated circuits, biomedicine, artificial intelligence, software, high-end equipment, aerospace, advanced materials, and new energy. The policy will be applicable for innovative talents in R&D, design and other professional and technical positions, high-level management positions and key production positions. The overall contribution of talents and their enterprises will also be taken into consideration to set the amount of rewards, and enterprises will be given certain autonomy.

Under the framework of Shanghai's talent settlement policy, Shanghai is actively introducing the city and district-level policies related to talent apartments and rental subsidies to key enterprises, aiming to meet the needs of industrial talents.

Zhang said that Shanghai sincerely welcomes all kinds of talents who are committed to industrial development from across the world, and will create the best environment and build the best stage for industrial talents.