5,157 Positions Awaiting You

Updated : 2022-08-03

An Introduction to Postdoctoral Position Openings in Shanghai in H2 2022

In the second half of 2022, Shanghai will offer 5,157 postdoctoral positions to candidates from around the world to attract more high-calibre talent. Now, Shanghai sincerely invites outstanding doctors at home and abroad to grow and pursue a glorious career in the city.

The openings will be offered by 259 postdoctoral programs run by 123 companies, institutes and universities, which are top Chinese research institutes, "Double First-class" universities, and world-leading companies, such as Pujiang Laboratory, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and COMAC.

These offerings stand for global opportunities supported by super strong platforms and teams. In terms of number, positions open to candidates from the United States (3,288), the United Kingdom (2,887) and Germany (1,416) ranked in the top three, regardless of candidate nationality; about 90% of the positions give access to major platforms and key research projects sponsored by funds at the national and municipal levels; and candidates have the opportunity to join advanced research teams led by 35 academicians and many other well-known scholars and industry experts.

In addition, the positions are offered in fields in great demand, such as bio-medicine, new materials, chemicals, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, as well as clinical medicine, biology, materials science and engineering, chemistry, physics, electronic science and technology, and computer science and technology.

The highest annual salary paid to selected post-doctors will be 700,000 yuan, while most others will be paid between 250,000 and 350,000 yuan, with a median of 300,000 yuan. About 30% will be given free accommodation in apartments, and among the rest, more than 50% will be given housing subsidies.

Shanghai was the cradle of China's postdoctoral system. Up to now, 238 postdoctoral research stations have been set up in 37 universities and research institutes; postdoctoral research workstations are also hosted by 154 companies, public institutions and science parks; and postdoctoral innovation bases have been established in 13 administrative districts or functional areas. These research stations are closely connected to China's top think tanks in Shanghai, national science and technology resources sharing platforms, double first-class universities, as well as many branches or subsidiaries of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, national-level corporate technology centers, Chinese industry champions in a certain field, top 100 global companies in Shanghai, and other international and domestic leading research platforms.

As of the end of June 2022, there were 7,305 postdoctoral researchers in the city, of whom 24% were foreigners, residents from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of China, and Chinese mainlanders with overseas education background.

The Super Post-doctors Program, an incentive scheme which has been implemented since 2018, is a "trump card" initiative of Shanghai to attract and retain outstanding young scholars.

From today, interested candidates may log on to the "Shanghai Post-doctors" page of the official website of Shanghai Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security (https://rsj.sh.gov.cn/tbshyd_17417/index.html) to get more details about the position openings, programs and their institutions, work locations, supervisors, salary, research platform. There is contact information to get into touch with program-running institutions. Shanghai will organize live broadcasts in collaboration with some program-running institutions to release information on a real-time basis. Please follow the official WeChat account of "Shanghai Human Resources and Social Security".