Shanghai accelerates its pace in digital transformation 

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2021-04-08


East China's Shanghai releases a series of measures to accelerate its pace in digital transformation. [Photo/VCG] 

East China's Shanghai has released a series of measures to accelerate its pace in digital transformation in areas such as industrial development, urban management, and government services, according to a local news report.

At the start of this year, Shanghai became the first city in China to issue a document covering the comprehensive development of its digital transformation.

According to the municipal government, the added value of Shanghai's core digital industries will exceed 500 billion yuan ($76.34 billion) this year. The city will also promote digital applications in areas including medical treatment and elderly care services, and the commercialization of 5G will be expedited this year.

Digital transformation of economy

In terms of the digital transformation of the economy, the municipal government has announced that 100 digital projects related to basic research and application-oriented basic research will be created, and 20 leading enterprises with global influence will be fostered.

Construction of an international data harbor will be accelerated to provide real-time data support for cross-border finance and new types of trades. Focus will be given to the development of smart factories for six key industries - electronic information, automobile, high-end equipment, advanced materials, life and health, and high-end fashion consumer goods.

Digital transformation of daily life

Demonstration application scenarios for medical treatment will be created, and online and offline teaching will be integrated this year. The integration of public services in the Yangtze River Delta region, including transportation, tour and sightseeing, will be promoted.

Scenic spots are encouraged to create digital versions of their premise and introduce VR services to offer a better tour experience. A digital platform for smart transportation will be built, and demonstration projects for digital shopping will be developed.

Digital transformation of city management

Shanghai has explored citywide intelligent management in recent years.

In September, a three-tier management system for the city was established, allowing problems to be detected in every area of the metropolis.

Over the past years, the city has increased efforts in making government services accessible via one website.

According to the local government, 185 systems and nearly 1,000 smart applications from 50 government departments have been integrated with the platform to enable the sharing, exchange and analysis of real-time data.

The platform proved to be useful during the recent winter when temperatures in Shanghai dropped below zero. More than 30,000 digital sensors in the city's water supply network monitored water volumes in neighborhoods and alerted authorities to potential problems.

Future visions

This year, Shanghai will beef up efforts to promote the construction of a demonstration zone for digital transformation and build a "future city". Efforts will also be made to strengthen digital infrastructure, with a total of 40,000 5G outdoor base stations set to be built by the end of this year.