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Shanghai S&T 35U35 (S&T35) English application page is launched today as an effort to explore a more effective mechanism for evaluating and selecting young science and technology talents, so as to train the young talents with global vision and innovative influence. Altogether 35 winners will standout from 50 nominated winners, based on four strategic dimensions, namely, World Science and Technology Frontier,Main Economic Development, Important National Demands, and Life and Health. Applicants shall be under 35 as of January 1, 2021 (that is, born after January1, 1986). Those who are interested may submit materials as required at http://3535.zaojiu.com before the deadline at 16:30 on February 26, 2021. Details aboutthe event are as follows.

I. Awards

The event is guided by the Shanghai Party Committee on Science and Technology, Shanghai Committee of Chinese Communist Youth League, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, and Shanghai Youth Federation. It is hosted by Shanghai Young Science and Technology Talents Association and organized by the YSP Institute. Altogether 35 winners and 15 nominated winners stand out among the young science and technology talents each year, based on four strategic dimensions, namely, World Science and Technology Frontier, Main Economic Development, Important National Demands, and Life and Health. For each dimension, there will be no more than 9 winners and no more than 4 nominated winners.

II. Qualifications

1. Basic Conditions

1) Stick to scientific rigor and integrity, without any violation of national laws or prejudice to national interests or major public interests.

2) Under 35 as of January 1, 2021 (that is, born after January 1, 1986), as in the ID card or passport.

3) Led at least one research or at least one company.

-Led a research. It means initiating a scientific research, or acting as the core technical personnel in the research. The research shall be carried out in Shanghai or the Demo Zone designated for the Yangtze River Delta.

-Led a company. It means independently founding or co-founding an enterprise, and serving as the general manager or above, with no less than 10% of the stakes. The enterprise is registered or operated in Shanghai or the Demo Zone designated for the Yangtze River Delta.

2. Fields for Application

1) World Science and Technology Frontier (including but not limited to quantum science and neuroscience)

Explore the unknown, pioneering and challenging areas, and constantly push the limits of human cognition.

2) Main Economic Development (including but not limited to 5G, AI and industrial internet)

Promote the in-depth integration of technological innovation and economic and social development, and transform it into direct practical productivity.

3) Important National Demands (including but not limited to integrated circuits and aeropace)

Make breakthroughs in key and core technologies, grasp the initiative in scientific and technological innovation and the decisive power in international competition.

4) Life and Health (including but not limited to biomedicine, and disease prevention and control)

Always put life first, and keep seeking various welfare, including life and health, for mankind.

3. Core Requirements

The scientific research or technological invention led by the applicants shall be prospective, subversive or relatedwith public welfare, and mainly come from Shanghai or the Demo Zone designated for Yangtze River Delta.

4. Others

The academic achievements or innovative products led by the applicants shall be proposed and mainly completed by themselves, yet not excluding the contributions of the collaborators. Participants who fail to get an award (including the nomination award) for two consecutive years, shall not be eligible for recommendation one year.

III. Recommendation Materials

Recommendation materials are an important basis for the selection of "ST35". Applicants shall complete them carefully as required, with faithful, accurate and complete description. Specifically,

1. Basic personal information. Enclose personal ID card or passport.

2. Personal innovation statement. Specify the reasons for application (within 50 words), and give a concise statement (within 800 words) on the main innovation points, scientific value and impact on related fields of the leading innovation achievements.

3. Recommendation from an expert in the field. Offer recommendation and suggestion with signature of an expert (within 300 words), and include basic information of the expert. (Experts who are interested party are not allowed in the recommendation.)

4. Other supporting materials. Other supporting materials include the first published paper (patent), the most representative paper (patent), the evaluation and academic certificate by well-known academic journals or conferences in the same field, and the proof of the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements. Other supporting materials shall be no more than 5 files and uploaded informats such as pdf, jpg or png.

IV. Selection Progress

A review committee of well-known experts in related fields shall be established. The review office is located at the Secretariat of the Shanghai Young Science and Technology Talents Association. Formal examination and review shall be carried out based on the features of different fields under the four dimensions, namely, World Science and Technology Frontier, Main Economic Development, Important National Demands, and Life and Health.

This selection consists of application, preliminary evaluation, and final evaluation. It shall start on December 7, 2020 (Monday). The final list shall be announced and awards presented before May 4, 2021.


1) Application: Dec. 14, 2020-Feb. 26, 2021

Applicants make an online application (qualification review is carried out during the same period).

2) Preliminary evaluation: Mar. 1, 2021-Mar. 20, 2021

Experts preliminarily evaluate the applicants and select 100 candidates for the final evaluation.

3) Final evaluation: Mar. 29, 2021-Apr. 20, 2021

The organizing committee shall select 35 final winners and 15 nominated winners.

4) Approval and Announcement: Late April of 2021

Submit the results of selection for approval by the guiding bodies, and release the list of proposed winners as per the procedure.

5) Award Ceremony: May 4, 2021

Announce the final list of winners and invite some of the winners to give speeches.

V. Application

Application shall be made online. There is no need to submit any paper documents. Please submit relevant materials as required at http://3535.zaojiu.com.

Online submission starts at 9:00 on December 14, 2020, and will close at 16:30 on February 26, 2021 (Lantern Festival).

VI. Telephone

Contact Person: Guan Guozhen

Tel.: +86-021-23119278

Add.: Secretariat of Shanghai Young Scienceand Technology Talents Association, 200 People's Avenue (200003) Huangpu District, Shanghai


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