Higher-profile 3rd CIIE to bolster global economy

Updated : 2020-07-31

Preparing for the large-scale expo amid the epidemic is not an easy task. In February this year, registration, signing, and roadshows related to the event were moved online. This "non-contact preparation" model allows global companies to communicate remotely.

Even during the closed management period of the National Convention and Exhibition Center in Shanghai, the main CIIE venue remains brightly lit until late at night. With the help of information technology such as video conferences, organizers are able to communicate 24 hours a day.

Over the past few months, over 1,000 companies from around the world have participated in online roadshows, and major trading groups from across the country received the list of exhibitors half a year in advance. In addition, the Hongqiao International Economic Forum, a high-end dialogue, was held in Shanghai, and various supporting activities and preparations for the CIIE are proceeding as scheduled.

The third CIIE will not only be attended by previous attendees who signed three-year contracts for the event, but also many new companies that have become popular internationally.

The parent company of Uniqlo booked a 1,500-square-meter booth. Richemont Group will bring several luxury brands to the event, including Cartier, Piaget, and Vacheron Constantin. French Michelin Group decided to sign a contract participating in the expo.

According to interviews with several participants, what attracts them to the CIIE is mainly the incredible opportunities to share new products, great sales potential, and abundant cooperation opportunities.

L'Oréal China President and CEO Fabrice Megarbane said: "This year, L'Oréal will not only introduce new products, but will also showcase new beauty technology and more green applications aimed at sustainable development."

CIIE exhibits will be "transformed" into commodities to enter thousands of households at the Global Commodity Trading Port -- the CIIE's annual exhibition and trading service platform located opposite the National Convention and Exhibition Center.

"From the global community to Shanghai, and then from Shanghai to the rest of China, such is the influence of the CIIE," said Xue Yingjie, general manager of the port. The trading port continues to bring CIIE commodities to more cities across the country, including Harbin, Guiyang, Chengdu, Kunming, and Ningbo.

On July 26, the 3rd CIIE Exhibitors Alliance established the Public Health and Epidemic Prevention Committee, and several CIIE enterprises began working together to fight the epidemic.

Qiu Jianping, vice chairman of the committee and general manager of Abbott's rapid diagnostics operations in Greater China, said that the company will work with more industry partners to explore new solutions and cooperation models to help China and the world fight the epidemic.

"Abbott will showcase a variety of innovative products and solutions at a 600-square-meter booth, and will appear in the public health and epidemic control section."

Many safety precautions have been taken, and a series of innovative measures are being implemented to help global exhibitors better explore opportunities in China.

As the host of the event, Shanghai plans to continue to improve its service guarantee system. The city is studying and formulating a "fast channel" plan for overseas exhibitors in response to the ongoing pandemic. It will also focus more on online and offline integration, and actively explore new ideas such as "cloud exhibitions" and "cloud forums".

According to Dang Xiaohong, deputy head of the department of port control of the General Administration of Customs, customs authorities will allow the expo's organizers to provide unified tax guarantees for participating companies, and exhibits will be able to be transferred to special supervision zones for cross-border e-commerce. This will make it more convenient for exhibits to become commodities.

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