Tips on how to stay safe during the epidemic prevention and control period

Updated : 2020-02-14

Notice 1 

To all residents and those who are concerned. At present, the prevention and control of epidemic caused by novel coronavirus infection in this city is in a critical period. In order to further improve the prevention and control of the epidemic, the announcement is released as follows according to the laws and regulations: 

1. Please be cooperative with the prevention and control measures, reduce unnecessary outdoor activities, pay attention to personal hygiene and protection, strengthen information registration and health management, and truthfully provide relevant information. In case of fever, cough, trouble breathing and other symptoms, you should go to the nearest fever clinic immediately and report to the unit or community in time.


2. Those who enter Shanghai from or pass through the key infected areas, must stay in quarantine at home for 14 days from the date of arrival, report to your community consciously and follow their orders; individual with no suspected symptoms may release from quarantine and switch to your normal life after the quarantine is expired. 

3. Individuals must have their temperature measured and fill in health status information form truthfully. Report to your unit or community in case of any physical fitness problem happens. 

4. Those who have close contact with novel coronavirus cases should be cooperative and consciously conduct the isolation and medical observations according to the relevant regulations. Those who refuse will be punished according to the Law. 

Notice 2 

To all residents and those who are concerned, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau issued a circular on severely cracking down on criminal and illegal activities during the period of prevention and control of the novel coronavirus for maintaining social stability. 

1. It requires all individuals, institutions, enterprises, social entities and other organizations to comply strictly with the regulations and epidemic control measures, take the initiative in cooperation with the government in epidemic prevention and control, improve self-protection awareness and internal safety management; Be cooperative with the medical and health institutions and social organizations in any possible epidemic investigation, sample collection, isolation treatment etc., and provide relevant information truthfully. 

2. Those who enter Shanghai from or pass through the key infected areas, and individuals have close contact with the confirmed or suspected infections shall take the initiative to measure temperature, fill in the health status information registration form accordingly and provide information truthfully, consciously implement the 14-days isolation and medical observation. Those who fail to report or refuse to cooperate with the above-mentioned tests, isolation or observation shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant penalty provisions, whoever disturbs social order or endangers public safety, is such acts constitute a crime according to the Criminal Law of People’s Republic of China shall be investigated for criminal responsibilities. 

3. Those who enter Shanghai from or pass through the key infected areas, and individuals have close contact with the confirmed or suspected infections, if you are not feeling well or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, dry cough and other suspected symptoms, please  take the initiative to report to the relevant agencies; Individual who failed to report or refuse to accept the inspection, quarantine, isolation or treatment, resulting in the spread of infectious diseases, and follow up endangering public safely, if such acts are not serious enough for criminal punishment shall be given administrative penalties according to the regulation. 

4. During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the public security organization will severely crack down on various kinds of rumor spreading, falsely reporting the epidemic situation, disturbing public order, disturbing the order of medical institutions, harming medical personnel, driving up prices illegally, counterfeiting, selling wild animals, hindering the performance of duties and other illegal and criminal acts. 

5.We encourage the masses to actively report the illegal and criminal clues related to epidemic prevention and control, and jointly maintain public order. 

Source:WeChat account: jmztcpd