Shanghai provides guide for talent policies

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2019-08-27


Bright colors glow and reflect on the river in this night view of the Bund in Shanghai. [Photo/VCG]

Shanghai released a guidebook on its talent policies on Aug 21, catering to HR managers and talents interested in coming to the city to work, start a business or settle down.

The guidebook includes around 100 policies talents are concerned about such as the visa application process, industry support and financial services, child education, and license plates.

With a full range of talent policies and online services, the guidebook will be helpful in solving various issues related to work and life in Shanghai.

For example, an applicant for the "Talent Plan" project can find out key information regarding application conditions, supporting policies and timeframes related to the project.

By scanning the QR code printed on the guidebook, the applicant can view an online guide to talent policies and apply for the project on the city's unified registration website.

The guidebook has different versions according to the type of talent and their respective needs, including "Overseas Talent Employment Edition", "Overseas Talent Entrepreneurship Edition", "Domestic Talent Employment Edition" and "Domestic Talent Entrepreneurship Edition".

Compiled by the city's authority on talent management, the guidebook was issued at the launch ceremony for the Shanghai Enterprise Human Resources Alliance at the Pudong International Talent Hub.

Initiated by 10 enterprises in Shanghai, the alliance aims to become a cooperative platform for talent management for enterprises across the city.

The alliance said the guidebook would serve as a useful tool in popularizing the city's talent policies and attract much-needed talents to its key industries.