Shanghai university, Huawei to bolster ties

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2019-07-15


Representatives of the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Huawei Technologies Co sign a framework agreement for cooperation on June 25. [Photo/usst.edu.cn]

To improve technological strength and talent cultivation, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology and Huawei Technologies Co signed a framework agreement for cooperation on June 25.

On the principles of long-term cooperation, mutual benefit, and mutual consultation, both parties promised to make long-term, concerted efforts in talent cultivation, scientific research and smart campus construction.

According to the agreement, the two sides will work together to improve scientific and technological innovation and cultivate high-end talents by cooperating in the fields of the ICT (information and communication technology) Industrial College, medical engineering, smart campus and big data analysis.


Both sides discuss their plans for cooperation at the signing ceremony. [Photo/usst.edu.cn]

At the signing ceremony, Ding Xiaodong, president of the university, introduced the school's history and its tradition in engineering education. The university has been actively serving national and local development strategies, such as making Shanghai a global innovation center in science and technology.

To this end, the university has been striving to meet the demands of engineering education in a new era, with a focus on the latest developments in sociology, economics and engineering.

According to Ding's introduction, the university has made breakthroughs in the integration of medical science and engineering, artificial intelligence technology, civil-military integration and other fields.

Ding said that the university has a tradition of integrating industrial development with education and research, and has extensively promoted strategic cooperation with leading enterprises in various industries.

He expressed his hope that the two sides can use their strategic cooperation as an opportunity to further develop and deepen innovation.

Zheng Baoyong, senior vice president of Huawei, gave a brief introduction of the company's history and its latest accomplishments in communications networking, intelligent terminals, cloud services, and other fields.

Zheng expressed his hope that both parties can tap into their unique strengths in talent cultivation, scientific research and technology transfer. He also hopes that both parties can make full use of their resources to boost development and research into edge-cutting science and technology by combining enterprise recruitment, university education and technology transfers.


Before the signing ceremony, representatives of Huawei visit a research institute in the university and are briefed on relevant research projects. [Photo/usst.edu.cn]