Pudong reduces patent applications to 3 months

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2019-01-09

intellectual center.jpg

The China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center [Photo/xinmin.cn]

Pudong New Area in Shanghai has narrowed its waiting time for patent applications from three years to three months, in an effort to encourage the sound development of innovative enterprises, local media reported on Jan 7. 

The accelerated process was realized at the China (Pudong) Intellectual Property Protection Center, an establishment founded on Feb 12, 2018 which has included more than 300 companies into its distinctive pool for fast patent inspections. He Ying, director of the center, said over 80 percent of the companies were privately run businesses. 

The expansion of the company pool contributes to a fast patent inspection system, which can screen high performance patents, especially those in the fields of high-end equipment and bio-pharmaceuticals, by putting them through an inspection "green channel". 

Zhang Dianli, president of the Flyingwings Robotics Technology Co, the first domestic providers of intelligent service robots, said it took him roughly two months to have a newly invented object-following system checked and approved. 

"The accelerated process not only protects my company's innovations, but also helps enhance its competiveness in the global market," Zhang said. 

The center, a joint effort by the State Intellectual Property Office, its Shanghai branch, and the Pudong New Area government, aims to provide all-round intellectual protection to local companies. It is a reflection of Pudong's endeavors to provide strong social and economic development. It is playing a pivotal role in the city's target of becoming a more open and globalized city by 2035.