Shanghai streamlines expat residence permit process

(chinadaily.com.cn)Updated : 2018-04-02

Expats in Shanghai can now apply online for residence permits and receive the document in as little as three working days, authorities announced on Monday.

The policy applies to all high-level foreign professionals recognized by the national or Shanghai human resources authorities, according to the city’s exit and entry administration.

Professionals employed by one of 8,818 selected enterprises seen as key leaders in Shanghai’s quest to become a global technological innovation hub by 2030 can also use the online service.

Chosen enterprises include those possessing high-end and new technologies, companies engaged in core financial and strategic emerging fields, as well as the regional headquarters of multinational companies and research and development centers funded with foreign investment.

The move, the first and only in the country so far, simplifies the application procedures and fast-tracks the establishment of a talent network that is globally competitive, the administration said.

Before the launch of the measures, applicants had to visit exit and entry offices in person and go through various formalities, sometimes interviews. The procedure from start to finish typically took seven working days before the permits were granted.