Foreign-funded R&D centers to develop in Shanghai

(chinadaily.com.cn)Updated : 2017-10-23

Shanghai released an announcement on Oct 16 to further encourage foreign-funded R&D centers to participate in the construction of the city's scientific and technological center.

A total of 16 measures concerning global allocation and cross-border flow of innovative elements, intellectual property protection, overseas talents services, and services for foreign-funded R&D have been proposed.

Five measures focusing on global allocation of innovative elements are expected to create a better investment and trade environment in the city. Top-rated R&D centers of multinationals will gain support for their development in Shanghai. Multinationals are encouraged to set up open innovation platforms in hope of helping local enterprises make breakthroughs in R&D and innovation.

Procedures for research samples, specimen, and reagents import will be simplified to improve R&D efficiency. Foreign-funded R&D centers are encouraged to take part in key R&D projects and to transfer their research results in Shanghai. Social capital will be introduced to help with the industrialization of their research results. Foreign investors are allowed to set up national technological centers.

Three intellectual property-focused measures are intended to create a better legal environment, including promoting the actual use of intellectual properties, carrying out one-stop services integrating patent examination, quick confirmation of IP right, and quick access for right protection, and bringing in more of the world's leading IP service agencies.

Three measures aiming to better serve overseas talents will be rolled out. Work permit application procedures will be simplified. Eligible overseas talents will be able to secure multiple exit and entry visas valid for five to ten years. Benefits in housing, children's education, and health care will also be provided.

Four other measures seek to better serve foreign-funded R&D activities and to create a better R&D environment.

In addition, foreign-funded R&D centers can participate in the city's R&D public service platform construction, making it easier for the centers to use the city's large scientific facilities.

Their research personnel are permitted to join the city's expert's bank and local government-led research projects.

Government service mechanism will be improved to make sure the communication between government and enterprises fluid. All districts are also encouraged to roll out related supportive policies.

Foreign-funded R&D centers have already become a major force in Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation center construction. By the end of August, the city was home to 416 such centers, accounting for nearly a quarter of the country's total.

These centers bring together an abundance of innovation capital and talents to the city and are considered a "treasure trove" of global innovative elements, the source of innovative products, and the starting point of innovative network.