Forum boosts cross-border e-commerce in Jiading

(chinadaily.com.cn)Updated : 2017-08-31

The 2017 Jiading Cross-border E-commerce Summit Forum took place in Jiading district, Shanghai on Aug 18, with the aim of boosting the development of cross-border e-commerce companies based in the Jiading Export Processing Zone.

More than 300 representatives from leading cross-border e-commerce companies including Taobao and Paypal attended the event.

Since the second half of 2016, the growth of cross-border e-commerce has accelerated in Shanghai, China's most important foreign trade port, according to government statistics.

Jiading Export Processing Zone, one of the 11 cross-border e-commerce industrial parks in Shanghai, is a hot bed for cross-border e-commerce, thanks to its advanced facilities, comprehensive services and strong government support.

Pan Xiaohong, general manager of Jiading Export Processing Zone, introduced that the zone is home to a great number of manufacturing, foreign trade, and logistics enterprises, which has laid a solid foundation for the development of cross-border e-commerce.

The zone also attracts companies because it already houses businesses from all parts of the cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, making doing business more convenient.

Li Tianyu, manager of business expansion at eBay Greater China, said eBay as a leader in mobile commerce redefines cross-border e-commerce retailing and export.

Hong Baogui, chairman of Shanghai-based cross-border marketing service provider Linkjoint, shared the experience of how traditional enterprises use Google's big data to transform and upgrade.

She emphasized that foreign trade companies need to attach importance to brand building. And original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers should pay more attention to pricing.

A roundtable conference was attended by leaders of five cross-border e-commerce companies who discussed ways for Jiading to develop its export and import businesses.