International Trade Center Initiative

Updated : 2017-02-21

Key measures of Shanghai International Trade Center Initiative in 2015

  • Stabilize the foreign trade

Sustain the market share of export, take the advantage of zero tariff and trade facilitation measures, support companies to improve product quality, trademark registration in foreign merkets, and R&D of dedicated products, and establish overseas marketing and sales network.Efforts will be made to stimulate import, build country-specific commodity centers, and establish tax-bonded trading platform. Gradually increase the parallel imprt of automobiles. Strengthen dedicated import channels for products such as clocks & watches, wines, medical devices, and high-end consumer products, accelerate the establishment of jewelry trading platform, and develop tax-boned product demonstration. Support the transformation of export processing zones to comprehensive tax-boned zones so that commodity information, demonstration, trading, cross-border procurement, and cross-border retail can achieved.

  • Grow trade in services

Aim at a global technology and innovation center, implement the policy of interest compensation for technology export, and establish services to technology trading. Certify a number of model zones and model projects for trade in services and optimize geographic locations for trade in services. Improve public service platforms for language translation, service outsourcing and Chinese traditional medicine, and promote key projects in cultural trading such as Asia-Pacific book logictics centers and Shanghai International Art Trading Center. Accelerate the development of emerging trade in services such as bio-pharm, software information, management consulting and data processing.

  • Develop new types of trade

Encourage companies to conduct new trading business such as cross-border tax-bonded commodity trading, offshore trading, transit trading, and tax-bonded reparation services. Support the development of financial leasing, consolidation of transit cargoes, and global test and reparation business. Develop Jinqiao Cross-border E-commerce Base, connect cross-border e-commerce companies with regulators such as customs, connect cross-border e-commerce platforms with domestic and foreign traders, and facilitate business procedures.

  • Move towards an international exhibition and conference center

Let exhibitions and conferences to promote trading opportunities and attract traders, tap the potential of National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), introduce a number of premium, upscale and influential exhibitions, attract famous international exhibition and conference service providers and teams, and persuade international organizations such as UFI to establish representative offices. Improve the service capacity of Shanghai Exhibition and Convention Service Platform, explore domestic and foreign channels and vehicles, and incubate model projects for commerce, tourism, culture and sports.

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