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Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Park

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-08


Shanghai Shibei Hi-Tech Park was established in August 1992. 

It is situated in the North of Shanghai with a total area of 3.13 square kilometers, extending from the Sitang River in the east to the Pengyuepu River in the west, and from the Wenshui Road up to the Zoumatang River and the ChangZhong Road. 

As an important part of Zhangjiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone, the country's third National Innovation Demonstration Zone approved by the State Council, Shibei Hi-tech Park is the nearest one to the People's Square located in the center of Shanghai.

With the full support of Shanghai Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal Government, and with the correct leadership of Zhabei District Committee of the CPC and the District Government, Shibei has scored remarkable achievements. Two decades of development has brought historic changes in the Park's industry level, economic output, facilities and influence. Shibei now ranks first in terms of the comprehensive development index in Shanghai's development zones. Shibei has demonstrated the innovation-driven transformation and development, and become an example for the business park in Zhabei.