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Shanghai Spark Development Zone

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-06


Shanghai SPARK Development Zone is an export-oriented manufacturing and processing development zone established in 1984 with the approval of Shanghai Municipal Government and People's Congress. It is one of Shanghai's key development zones and its planned development area is 8.79 square kilometers.

The park is facilitated with sewerage and supply of water, heat and electricity. It boasts convenient sea and land transportation, flat land with no risks of demolition or relocation, and highly reasonable rental and labor cost. It also provides one-stop services including industrial and commercial administration, taxation land measuring and registration, and amenities to investors from home and abroad.

The park is managed by Shanghai SPARK Management Committee whose subordinate departments include Office of Management Committee, Social Affairs Office, Investment Attraction Office, Commercial, Industrial Administration and Taxation Office, Planning and Construction Office, Safety Production Office, General Regulation Office, Environmental Protection Office, Urban Engineering Administration, Statistics and Investigation Agency, Greening and City Outlook Administration, and Land Administration.