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Shanghai Multimedia Park

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-06


Shanghai Multimedia Park, the first multimedia industry park in China, was set up in 2002 by Shanghai Municipal Government and appointed as "National Base of Digital and Media Technology Industrialization in Shanghai".

Being the important part of Changning district's development plan of "Digital Changning", Shanghai Multimedia Park Venture Capital (MPVC) was founded in 2003 for the purpose of giving more support for start-ups. MPVC focuses on the incubation in multimedia industry, the investment in hi-tech start-ups and the management of hi-tech industry zones and incubators. MPVC has also been affiliated as a member of Shanghai Hi-tech Incubators Network with the approval of Shanghai Technology Innovation Center.

With the idea of "Efficient Service" and "Human-based Management", MPVC has innovated the model of combination of "venture capital" and "construction of industrial park and incubator" to establish a more supportive environment for start-ups. MPVC has also built up a professional team to provide start-ups with all-round services such as strategic planning, capital-raising, market extension, financial/legal/IT/HR/administrative affairs and etc. MPVC's mission is to help start-ups to reduce the risk and gain the success eventually.

MPVC has currently established five incubators located in Shanghai Multimedia Park, Zhao Feng World Trade Building, Huamin Empire Plaza, Union Development Building of China and Hualian Venture Park. Now there're hundreds of hi-tech companies with the capital totaling to over 1 billion RMB settling down in MPVC's incubators and a platform for communication and cooperation has been established. These companies include Focus Media, the operator of the largest out-of-home audiovisual advertising network in China; Allyes, the biggest Adnetwork technology and online marketing provider in China; Alibaba Shanghai., the Shanghai branch of the well-known B2B e-commerce website; Coolman, a new star sparking in online game market of China and the strategic partner with SONY ONLINE, the worldwide famous online game developer; Blogbus.com, one of the Top3 Blog websites in Chinese and the first Chinese Blog website under commercial operation and etc.

With the professional and all-round services for incubation, MPVC has not only helped the enterprises to obtain investment of hundreds of million yuan, but also helped some of them to make rapid progress by advantages of projects and fulfilled overseas IPO eventually.