Strategic emerging industries

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-03

GDP of strategic emerging manufacturing in the city totaled 811.3 billion yuan and GDP of strategic emerging services totaled 456.8 billion yuan in 2014. The added value of strategic emerging industries of the year totaled 345.32 billion yuan, 7.4 percent higher than 2013 and accounting for 14.7 percent of the city’s GDP. Added value of manufacturing sector totaled 161.32 billion yuan, up 6.3 percent. Added value of service sector totaled 184 billion yuan, up 8.5 percent.

Electronic information sector

Huali Microelectronics completed production line of 30,000 chips per month and achieved mass production of 55nm technology.

Shanghai OLED Industry Association was established. 4.5-generation line of Everdisplay Optronics and 5.5-generation AM-OLED project of Tianma NLT was progress smoothly.

1,300 electronic boards were installed in bus stations and real-time locations of 12,000 buses of 640 lines were distributed via electronic boards and mobile app.

Software and information service sector

Hujiang.com established the first Internet education industry federation in China-iEDU and launched Internet education base.

Announced the “Several Opinions to Promote Healthy Development of Internet Financial Industry in Shanghai” and standardize network credit and loan criteria.

Established network AV industry development fund, introduced leading companies including south center of Central Radio, 4G broadcasting platform of CCTV, and China Mobile Video.

China’s first cloud service system for community smart robots, developed by Xiaoi Company, was launched in Jiangqiao of Jiading district.

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