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Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated : 2016-12-22


The Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone is made of three parts: the Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone, the Jiading District Malu Industrial Park and the Jiading District Waigang Industrial Park.

1. The Jiading Industrial Zone is a municipal industrial park approved by the Shanghai municipal people's government. Located in the west part of Shanghai, the park is comprised of two key areas: the south area and the north area.

In an area totaling 78 square kilometers, the north area focuses on the development of the auto parts, optic electronics, information, precision machinery making and export processing industries. At the same time, the north area also focuses on the development of industrial design and other supporting service industries that have industrial innovation capacities.

The south area is an urban-oriented industrial park featuring pollution-free, high-tech and energy-effective industries. It emphasizes the development of the service industries featuring the functions of themed entertainment, recreation and shopping.

2. The Malu Industrial Park is located on both sides of the Malu exit of the Shanghai-Jiaxing Expressway. The 17-square-kilometer park aims to become an important carrier for industrial concentration by developing a large number of regional pillar industries such as optic electronics, auto parts, machine manufacturing and food processing.

3. The Waigang Industrial Development Zone, located in the northwest part of Jiading district, occupies 491.4 hectares of land. It boasts 10 major industries: auto parts, electronic and electric products, plastic and rubber products, textile and clothing, packing and printing, machine manufacturing, new building materials and construction hardware products.

The zone has been working hard to develop electronic parts and auto parts to become an industrial park noted for high added value, high technological content, high growth potential, scientific management, sound structure, clean environment and its demonstration effect.