Permanent Residence Certificate for Reunion With Children

(shanghai.gov.cn)Updated : 2016-10-21

Ⅰ. Requirements for application:

1. Aliens conforming with the following requirements may apply for the permanent residence certificate for aliens for the reunion with children:

(1) One of the parents or both parents are Chinese citizens (with Chinese permanent household register) or a foreign parent with a permanent residence certificate;

(2) Children under 18 years of age and unmarried; and,

(3) With foreign citizenship as approved.

II. Formalities for application:

1. Submit the completely filled in“Application Form for the Permanent Residence Certificate in China for Aliens (children for reunion)”and submit the applicant’s 4 2in recently taken bareheaded, front-faced with background colored photos;

2. Submit the applicant’s own valid passport or any certificate qualified to substitute the passport and a duplicate;

3. Submit the valid visa or foreigner residence permit;

4. Submit the certificate for permanent household register of the Chinese parents or the“Permanent Residence Certificate for Aliens”for the foreign parents;

5. Submit the applicant’s birth certificate or certification for parent-child relationship (determined as parent-child relationship by the Chinese public security and judicial authorities or the Chinese household register booklet.) The certification issued by a relevant organization abroad should be authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed in that country; and,

6. In the case of adopted children, submit the certification for adoption issued by the municipal civil administration organ.

The adoption relationship established abroad should be authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed in that country;

The adoption relationship established in Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan should be notarized by a relevant notary office.

III. Time and place for handling:

Mon.–Sat. 9:00–17:00

Add: 1500, Minsheng Rd, Pudong New Area

IV. Time-limit for settlement: With all necessary documents for application completed to be settled within 6 months.

V. Standard for charges:

1. Fee for handling: RMB1,500 yuan

2. Fee for the certificate of“Permanent Residence Certificate for Aliens”: RMB 300 yuan

VI. Tel. for consultation: 28951900

VII. Tel. for supervision: 68547109