Permanent Residence Certificate for special personnel

(shanghai.gov.cn)Updated : 2016-10-21

Ⅰ. Requirements for application:

One who conforms with one of the following requirements may apply for the permanent residence certificate for aliens specially needed by the state (or with special achievement):

(1) Having made important and outstanding contributions to the state’s economic development and social progress;

(2) Top qualified personnel in the world, persons with special skill or celebrities of great value to the state.

The accompany spouse and children under 18 years of age and unmarried may, at the same time, apply for the same permanent residence certificate for aliens.

Ⅱ. Formalities for application:

1. Submit the completely filled in“Application Form for the Permanent Residence Certificate in China for Aliens (special personnel, spouse and children) and submit the applicant’s 4 2in recently taken bareheaded, front-faced with background colored photos;

2. Submit for examination the applicant’s valid passport or any certificate qualified to substitute the passport and a duplicate;

3. Submit the valid visa or foreigner residence permit;

4. Submit a letter of recommendation or relevant certification issued by the Chinese government department concerned, that is, a letter of recommendation issued by the ministry, commission or bureau in-charge under the State Council or a letter of recommendation issued by the Shanghai Municipal Government, the certificate for residing in China issued by the state department in-charge, certificate for award such as the Honorary Citizen of Shanghai,the Honoral Magnolia Award of Shanghai,the memorial Magnolia Award of Shanghai or certificate for important scientific research achievement of world influence or great value.

The accompanying family members of the above applicants, apart from submitting their own valid passports and visas, should also submit the relevant certification (Issued abroad should be authenticated by the Chinese embassy or consulate stationed in that country). For example, when the applicant is a spouse, he/she should submit the marriage certificate,health certificate and no criminal record certificate ; children under 18 years of age and unmarried should submit their birth certificates or certificates for the parent-child relationship with the applicant; adopted children should also submit the certification for adoption.

Ⅲ. Time and place for handling:

Mon.–Sat. 9:00–17:00

Add: 1500, Minsheng Rd, Pudong New Area

IV. Time-limit for settlement: With all necessary documents for application completed to be settled within 6 months.

V. Standard for charges:

1. Fee for handling: RMB1,500 yuan

2. Fee for the“Permanent Residence Certificate for Aliens”: RMB300 yuan

VI. Tel. for consultation: 28951900

VII. Tel. for supervision: 68547109