Foreign female entrepreneurs in Shanghai share business experiences

(en.sh-italent.com)Updated : 2024-03-12


Foreign female entrepreneurs in Shanghai share business experiences at an International Business Sharing Event in Changning district, Shanghai on March 6. [Photo/chinanews.com]

Xu Lingna, a Singaporean Chinese woman and the chairwoman of the Foreigners' Center Project at the Shanghai Aimanjia Family Service Center, has lived in Shanghai for nearly 28 years. She is not only an entrepreneur, but also the mother of three children.

In an interview with China News Agency on March 6, she said, "Regardless of their country of origin, women tend to be more gentle, emotional, and adept at empathetic thinking. They naturally excel in emotional understanding, communication, and cooperation, playing an intermediary role in interpersonal relationships and the business workplace."

In celebration of International Women's Day, an International Business Sharing Event was held on March 6 in Changning district, Shanghai, where female entrepreneurs and business representatives from nearly 30 countries gathered to share their entrepreneurial experiences and success stories.

Xu pointed out that in Shanghai, women find it easier to achieve success in entrepreneurship, work, and life thanks to the city's high level of internationalization and equality. "Women's success in the workplace is inseparable from a harmonious family life. Only by balancing career and family can women better showcase themselves. At the same time, women should also focus on their children's education, passing on qualities such as resilience and courage to the next generation through character education," she said.

Xu has built a home in Shanghai, far away from her hometown. Not only has she settled her entire family in the city, but she is also dedicated to helping foreign nationals stay and integrate into life in Shanghai.

"Although I am technically a foreigner, I am not an outsider. We call Shanghai 'home' and hope to make foreign nationals feel at home in Shanghai, the international community, and the whole of society," she said.

Every woman has her own story, and Xu is a representative of foreign women in Shanghai. She said that sharing the stories of foreign women not only inspires others but also contributes to Shanghai's economic, social, and cultural development, increasing the amount of attention given to women and promoting urban diversity and inclusion.

Changning district is one of the most international districts in Shanghai, with registered foreign residents accounting for about one-fifth of the district's total foreign population. It is home to 27 consulates, approximately one-third of the city's total, and hosts 85 regional headquarters of multinational companies, over 6,800 foreign-funded enterprises, offices, and numerous businesses with a strong international presence.

The event not only highlighted the success stories of female entrepreneurs but also emphasized the importance of diversity and inclusion in Shanghai's development. With women like Xu leading the way, the city continues to embrace and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds, promoting a more inclusive and vibrant urban landscape.