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Jiang Yinghua: cultivator of China's elder care industry

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-21

Instead of living a carefree lifestyle, Jiang Yinghua, an experienced and prestigious doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, has devoted all her heart and soul into China's elder care service industry.


"Senior citizens are the most beautiful flowers in the world" is the motto by which Jiang has forged her career. People's increasing concern over the aging population and their wide participation has also greatly encouraged Jiang to continue moving forward with her work.

Jiang took advantage of her experience in healthcare and immersed herself in the issues surrounding the aging population–from assembling a team and applying for projects, to organizing academic seminars and forums.

As the chief manager of Shanghai Dayikang Health Investment and Management Company, she has guided the company to invest in many elder care facilities, such as the nursing homes, medical institutions and recreation and rehabilitation centers. Closely keeping up with current trends, she has even developed an online store to provide integrated online elder care services.

She has also expanded her connections with related organizations in sister cities in Taiwan, Japan and the US to open up international dialogues on these common concerns.

Jiang was ranked as a member of Shanghai's Recruitment Program of Global Experts in 2010, and is also voted as one of the best volunteers in Pudong New Area in 2014.