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Fang Shunong: Tech genius reaches new frontiers

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-09

Innovator and workaholic

Starting as a technology researcher, Fang is notable for his effortless energy in seeking technical solutions.  

“There are no technical problems that cannot be solved, it is simply whether or not you are ready to solve the problems right now,” is an adage that clearly reflects Fang’s drive and desire for excellence.

Fang prefers to have many options from which to choose a solution and in less than two years he has helped the Shanghai-based company make great strides with his expertise in the field of semiconductors. He is a figure that has helped the company succeed in the world’s competitive high-end market and has won respect for the quality of China’s manufacturing.

Currently, Fang is leading his team further by probing into areas including electroplating, analog simulation, effluent treatment, and integrated circuit process R&D.

“He is the earliest to arrive at 7 in the morning and he leaves at 7 in the evening. He is far more motivated than any other person in the company,” said one coworker noting that Fang’s enthusiasm for work and never give up attitude has helped to inspire the younger staff members at Shanghai Sinyang.

Intelligent management is the pathway to success

Ascending the ranks and becoming a world-class provider of semiconductors is no easy task for a private enterprise, but the management philosophy Fang has deployed at Shanghai Sinyang has helped the company achieve its vision step by step.

The experienced manager actively advocates a lean production model and through the collaborative efforts of all staff members has forged improvements in production, efficiency, and hygiene.

In the eyes of his many workmates, Fang is the one walking fastest through office as he desperately pushes himself to gain as much knowledge about the company so as to develop a strategic management system.

One illustration of Fang’s impact was highlighted by an equipment engineer.

“Previously, we would write our reports down in words but Fang told us that data reveals more about performance and it is often better to use a diagram.”

Led by Fang, Shanghai Sinyang reaped remarkable achievements in 2016 doubling its profits from the previous year. The future is certainly a bright one with Fang at the helm.

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