Global Technology and Innovation Center Innovative

(sh-italent.com)Updated : 2017-02-03

The Global Technology & Innovation Center Innovative offers continuous momentum to Shanghai’s sustainable development. It is the mission of Shanghai to serve the national strategy and also the internal requirement for Shanghai to achieve innovation-based transformation. Currently, Shanghai has already laid a solid foundation to be global technology and innovation center.

Shanghai has been an important node in the global innovation network of multinational corporations.

Up to the end of 2014, 381 foreign R&D centers were established in Shanghai including 120 from global 500 companies, accounting for 1/4 and 1/3 of China respectively. Over 70 multinational corporations have established global or regional R&D centers. R&D activities have been extended from previous adaptive or special R&D for the Chinese market to R&D for its parent companies for global market applications or to say from “in China for China” to “in China for AP” or “in China for the World”.

Eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship is improved and more mature.

Zhangjiang Indigenous Innovation Model Zone is progressing with pilot programs in many years areas such as option incentives, financing technologies, talent attraction, tax reforms, and decentralization of government approvals.1486101589055051623.jpg

Eco-system for innovation and entrepreneurship has been improved continuously, featuring the innovation service chain of 71 entrepreneurial nurseries, 107 technology incubators, and 13 pilot accelerators. Group company incubators, private incubators and new entrepreneurship organizations are developing rapidly, including 60 entrepreneurship organizations such as StartupCN, Feimalv, and iStartVC and a number of maker’s spaces such as Xinchejian, InnoLab and MakeForKids.

Resources to support innovation have been consolidated. 1,124 service companies have joined in Shanghai Public Service Platform for R&D, offering 7,788 units of test equipment, over 30,000 service professionals, and 210, 000 types of R&D services. The number of platform users has ranked No.1 for five consecutive years.

In 2013, the technology transaction value totaled 62.087 billion yuan, 5.5 percent higher than the previous year. The city has 22 national organizations for technology transfer. Twenty-nine innovation hubs have been built nationwide. Two China (Shanghai) International Technology Fairs have been organized, serving as a high-profile event for technology demonstration, negotiation and trading.

On Nov 14, 2014, the Ministry of Science and Technology agreed to establish East China Center for National Technology Transfer. The center aims at a worldwide technology trading service platform to realize the technology concentration and regional trading hub.

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