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Shen Feng: a pioneer of China's auto industry

(sh-italent.cn)Updated : 2017-01-25

Shen Feng, president of Volvo Cars China R&D, has been involved in the global auto industry for more than 20 years.

Shen has played an important role in the development of China's auto industry, winning the Shanghai Magnolia Award in 2016 and honored as a senior professor of the Thousand Talents Program in 2011.


Born in Zhejiang in October 1963, Shen moved to the US to study, earning a doctor's degree in mechanical engineering from Auburn University in 1996.

In 1999, Shen joined the Ford Motor Company, serving as a technician, manager and 6-Sigma quality management master during his eight years there.  

In 2007, Shen was assigned as the manager of Ford China Powertrain, to explore an internationally competitive Chinese auto supplier. Seizing the opportunity and challenge, Shen developed more than 10 global suppliers with its team members.

In 2010, Zhejiang Geely Group prepared to merge with Volvo Auto, ranked as one of the most successful international mergers. Shen Feng was considered the most appropriate person to lead the new company, due to his 10 years' auto management experience at Ford.

However, for Shen, it was a tough choice. After deep consideration, he joined the Geely-Volvo Group, giving up the stable foundation, to start a new business.

As one of the founders of Volvo Group, Shen is engaged in Volvo China's research and development, design, purchase, supplier management, manufacturing, quality, and information technology. After five years' development, Volvo Auto China has grown into an international auto enterprise boasting more than 5,000 professionals and sustainable powerful system capability. It has developed the world's leading technology in high-efficiency engines, new energy, self-driving cars and car safety, and promoted the development of China's auto industry.

Since the Geely-Volvo combination, Volvo auto has seen rapid development in China. It established large-scaled GMCs, supply bases and three more auto manufacturing plants, adding over 5,000 jobs, totaling billions of tax revenue, rating Volvo Group in Global Top 500. In 2015, Volvo's sales volume exceeded 500,000, a record since its foundation.

In recent years, Shen devoted himself to the development of safety, new energy and intelligent transportation systems. He cooperated with Shanghai International Automobile City and initiated the C30 pure electric automobile demonstration project, which has played an important role in the development of new energy vehicles. The locally produced S60L plug-in hybrid electric vehicle is now exported to the US.

Shen also cooperated with auto companies, China's Ministry of Transport and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, promoting the development of automobile internet and self-driving cars.

Since 2012, Shen has served as a counselor of the Sino-Swedish research center on traffic safety, pushing forward the mutual cooperation in fields of intelligent transportation and safety, as well as improving China's road transportation safety.

Shen has long been interested in the auto industry and it relationship with the society. He has taken part in many activities, such as China Association of Talents (CATs), Global Chinese Auto Elite Organization, North America Professional Association. He has made great contributions to the training of auto talents and technology exchange.

In 1990, Shen won the second prize of China scientific and technological progress in Education Ministry.

Besides being a prestigious leader, he is also a good husband and father in his family, setting a good example for his daughters. During his work in Nanjing, he went back to Shanghai every weekend, in order to spend time with his family.