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Yu Ping: Explorer of Chinese new energy vehicles

(sh-italent.cn)Updated : 2017-01-25

Yu Ping is the founder and CEO of Jing-jin Electric and the general manager of Jing-jin Best Electric Co (Shanghai). Yu was selected as a member of the "Thousand Talents Plan" in Shanghai and in the ninth batch of Chinese "Thousand Talents Plan" list.

Born in the Xincheng district of Beijing, Yu showed a great interest in cars when he was a child.

In 1990, he graduated from the automobile engineering department of Tsinghua University.

After graduation, Yu worked as an engineer and engineering project manager at General Motors (China). He also participated in the founding of General Motors (Shanghai), the largest joint venture in China in charge of new energy vehicle projects for General Motors.

Besides of some researches and developments in laboratories, he also collected data from many cities in china, to make the vehicles adapt to Chinese consumers.

After the independent operation of General Motors, Yu explored Buick dual-mode hybrid plug-in vehicles capable of being powered with both gasoline and natural gas. Yu also became involved in the development of electric auto projects in the Guangdong Nan'ao Demonstration Zone, getting in touch with new energy vehicles for the first time.


Yu studied in the United States in 1999. He obtained a master's degree in automobile engineering from the University of Michigan and a master of Business Administration from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

During his time in the US, Yu worked as a senior engineer for hybrid-electric vehicles at the headquarters of General Motors in the United States. He also became involved in the strategy, product planning and business development of General Motors.

From 2003 to 2007, Yu managed a number of projects and participated in cooperation with other enterprises, including the joint development and manufacturing (from General Motors, BMW, Daimler and Chrysler) of dual-mode hybrid plug-in technology facilitating the growth of General Motors' new energy powertrain vehicles.

Yu returned to China in November 2007. He founded Jing-jin Electric (Shanghai) with Dr Cai Wei, and served as CEO. Jing-jin Electric took a leading role in China's automobile technology industry, obtaining a large amount of global cooperation. 

In August 2010, Jing-jin Electric established Jing-jin Best Electric Co (Shanghai) in Shanghai’s Jiading district, the first new energy automobile industrial base in China.

The production, sales and export volume of Jing-jin Best Electric Company's automobiles ranks first in China's new energy vehicles field.

With the economic development of societies, many cities suffer severe pollution. New-energy technology can not only save energy and reduce petrol consumption, but also serve as a way for emission reductions and the control of motor vehicle pollution. Yu has confidence in new energy technology, believing that the technology will play an important role in rectifying pollution in the atmosphere.