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Wang Hongtao: dream flies over the Pacific

(sh-italent.cn)Updated : 2017-01-25

Wang Hongtao gives the impression of being a confident yet modest businessman. He is the founder and manager of Bill-Anda (Shanghai) Lubricant Material Co., but his ascent to this prominent position has been a journey that can hardly be described as ordinary.

Between 2000 and 2005, the East China native enjoyed a comfortable and rewarding life in the United States. He had moved across the world after gaining his master and PhD degrees from East China University of Science and Technology in Shanghai. First, he worked as an engineer at Micro Surface Corp. Later, in 2001, he helped found a Chicago-based hi-tech company.


However, despite these seeming successes, Wang was unsatisfied with simply becoming a senior company employee. At the time he was the corporate vice-director but he had a passion for technical innovation and wanted to challenge himself.

"People live safe and cozy lives in the US as engineers. But I saw some of my friends starting their own businesses and I was inspired by their successes and I wanted to do the same. I knew I would regret not trying."

Wang's company Bill-Anda has become an industry leader in producing WS2 solid lubrication, a low friction coating that increases the performance and durability of a wide range of parts from car rod bearings to paper mill chains.

Although the company's product has obtained more than 30 patents and Wang was selected in 2011 as an expert in the nationwide Thousand People Program, starting out and relocating to China was difficult.

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