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Zheng Qinfen: turning an interest into a lifelong career

(sh-italent.cn)Updated : 2017-01-25

"When I was a student, I had a great interest in computers and I feel very lucky that my interest has become my lifelong career," said Zheng Qinfen, a world-renowned expert in artificial vision and image analysis.

Zheng gave up all his achievements in the US and returned to china in 2015 under Shanghai's Recruitment of Global Experts initiative, also known as the Thousand Talents Plan, working as the CTO of Shanghai Sunrise-Simcom Electronic Technology Co.


Walking into Zheng's office, the two computers of different sizes on the desk caught the reporter's attention first.

"As a researcher, I spent most time with the computers and it is common to work with two or three computers simultaneously," he told the reporter in a serious manner

Zheng obtained his master's degree at the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) in 1984 and worked as a tutor there for two years before going to the University of Southern California in the US to pursue his doctorate.

Five years later, Zheng got his doctorate in electronic engineering and stayed in the US for another 30 years, during which time he acquired significant work experience in the field of artificial vision and image analysis. Before returning to China, Zheng had grown to become a respected figure in the field.

While working abroad, Zheng still paid close attention to the development of cutting-edge technology in China.

"In the past, considering my children were still very young, I had to abandon the thought of returning home. But now, my kids have grown up. And I think it's time to return to China, making a contribution to my motherland through my own efforts," he said.

He added the big domestic market requirement for intelligent manufacturing software and the favorable business environment created by the government also make it attractive to return.

Currently, Zheng is working as the CTO of Shanghai Sunrise-Simcom Electronic Technology Co and leading his research group to develop a set of robot visual control software systems with independent intellectual property rights.

The research process might be long and tough, but Zheng remains determined to achieve great things.